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Invert Inc. Announces Carbon Removal Purchase Agreement


Ottawa, June 30, 2022 – Invert Inc. (“Invert” or “the Company”) a specialized carbon emissions reduction and offsetting company focused on making carbon credits accessible to individuals and empowering businesses on their carbon reduction journey, is pleased to announce the Company has signed a purchase agreement with a South American biological charcoal (“biochar”) supplier. Through this agreement, Invert has received CO2 Removal Certificates (“CORCS”), verified by, the world’s first carbon removal marketplace, which provides the Company with an immediate supply of high-quality verified carbon removal credits available to both corporate and individual customers.

CORCS are typically derived from the production and implementation of biochar, a charcoal-like material produced from plants and other biological materials that are decomposed at high temperatures. The process creates highly absorbent charcoal that sequesters Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) and helps soil retain nutrients and water. The carbon in biochar does not degrade and can store carbon in soils for hundreds of years. Biochar was among the IPCC’s short-list of Negative Emission Technologies (NETs) that could provide a significant sequestration impact.

“Biochar is very effective at sequestering carbon and storing it for centuries,” said Andre Fernandez, Co-CEO, Invert Inc. “Long-term removal solutions like biochar are a key component in driving meaningful reductions of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. As with our previously announced record breaking CarbonCure mineralization investment, Invert remains squarely focused on investing in the highest quality carbon credit solutions, both technological and nature-based.”

Biochar provides a tool to absorb net carbon from the atmosphere, lowers the need for fertilizer, and slows down water runoff. This agreement will be a starting point to further CORC purchases and carbon removal developments as the partnership grows and works towards a more sustainable planet for future generations.

About Invert

Invert is a leading carbon-reduction and removal company committed to empowering businesses, communities, and individuals to take bold climate action. With a mission to drive global goals for decarbonization, Invert is dedicated to making a measurable impact on our planet’s future. We empower action through carbon project origination and financing, sourcing high-integrity carbon credits for businesses, and providing a software platform for organizations to bring employees along the climate-action journey.