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About Invert.

We exist to empower climate action that makes a real, collective impact.

Carbon Projects by Invert
Invert Carbon Reduction

Why we’re here.

We founded Invert to support organizations in reducing carbon in the atmosphere.

Through our portfolio of high-integrity carbon projects, we empower ongoing business continuity in meeting short- and long-term emissions targets through investment in carbon credits. Allowing for the operational effort and focus necessary to introduce broader decarbonization initiatives while making a meaningful contribution to the planet.

We are Climate Authorities

We’re on the ground, working with communities and partners to develop, finance, and evaluate projects that reduce atmospheric carbon.

We are Community Advocates

We prioritize local involvement to improve social infrastructure through job creation, skills development, and capacity building for generational benefit.

We are Business Leaders

We’ve led and worked with stakeholders at high profile companies across diverse sectors, engaging organizations to make a meaningful collective impact.

Meet the Invert team.

We’re leaders from diverse industries that emphasize innovation, strategy, and a desire to do good.

Andre Fernandez


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Ann Gordon

Technical Accounting Advisor

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Anne-Marie Gammon

Chief Financial Officer

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Arsalan Talebzadeh

Director, Partnerships

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Becky Mallett

Director, People

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Ben Quirin

Head of APAC

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Bogdan Burzawa

Business Development, Buildings Sector

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Chris Heider

Head of Blue Carbon

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Clint Hammond


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Cullen Fleming

Head of Technical Services

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Jennifer Smart

Director, Marketing

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Kevin Barford

Director, Mergers & Acquisitions

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Mark Lawson

Head of Carbon Acquisition

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Matt Delaney

Head of Carbon Forestry

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Miranda Bryden

Program Management Associate

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Oliver Turner


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Patrick Marshall

Head of Emissions Reductions

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Peter Popplewell

Head of Carbon Technology

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Phil Shaer

General Counsel

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Reid Stanway

Advisor – Insurance

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Samantha Keyes

Nature-Based Solutions Technician

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Steph Dewar

Marketing Communications Manager

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Our Commitment.

In addition to supporting organizations across every stage of their carbon-reduction and removal journey, Invert is committed to measuring and mitigating our own emissions through climate-conscious practices implemented in alignment with the science-based reduction pathway and the purchase of high-integrity offsets.

Board of Directors

Mark Zekulin


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Rade Kovacevic

Board Member & Advisor

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Dominique T. Hussey

Board Member

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Stacy Kauk

Board Member

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Tim Saunders

Audit Committee

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Let’s start the climate conversation.

Whether you’re just starting your decarbonization journey or looking to develop a project, conversation is the first step to climate action. 

We can’t wait to hear from you.