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Project Development.

Unparalleled industry knowledge and technical expertise.

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Mangrove with water carbon sink

The Invert approach.

Our experts work directly with communities and local partners around the world.

We evaluate proposals for real climate benefit and alignment with our investment principle pillars of community, diversity, and partnership to develop projects tailored to meet market and client needs.

Carbon credit financing.

We deliver upfront capital and experience to local project development partners in return for rights to future credit supply.

We collaborate with project developers to ensure the long term sustainability of project benefits and refine project parameters to de-risk financial outcomes for both parties.

Project evaluation.

We employ a first principles perspective when evaluating the success of our projects.

With decades of technical experience on our side, we assess the accuracy and achievability of projects, their overall impact, continued offset generation and supply, and ongoing project viability.

Project engagement.

We have the in-house expertise to conduct independent checks of project assumptions and critical factors.

Continuous engagement through oversight, evaluation, and communication ensures that project claims are not overstated, and that impact is measurable and meaningful.

Featured Project

Project Jatobá.

Located in the municipality of Boca do Acre, the region with the highest rate of deforestation in the state of Amazonas, Project Jatobá protects over 94k hectares from planned deforestation and forest degradation. Learn more.

RegistryVerra #4394
Site photo from the Brazil REDD+ Project Jatobá Carbon Project
Avoids planned deforestation and converstion to pasture.
Provides communities with critical infrastructure.
Bolsters regional resilience to climate change.

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