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Invert Inc. and BC Biocarbon Announce Carbon Credit Streaming Agreement

Multi-Year Agreement to Supply High-Quality Verified CO2 Removal Certificates.


Ottawa, September 12, 2022 – Invert Inc. (“Invert” or “the Company”) a specialized carbon finance company focused on making carbon credits accessible to individuals and empowering businesses on their carbon reduction journey, is pleased to announce the Company has signed an agreement with BC Biocarbon, a biomass waste conversion company located in the Robson Valley, British Columbia. BC Biocarbon has developed a proprietary carbon-refining technology that converts biodegradable biomass into solid, liquid and gaseous carbon products. Through this agreement, Invert will receive a stream of BC Biocarbon’s high-quality CO2 Removal Certificates (“CORCS”), verified by, which will provide the Company with an immediate supply of verified carbon removal credits available to both corporate and individual customers. Each CORC represents a metric ton of C02 removed from the atmosphere, aligned with the IPCC definition of carbon removal. ‍

“At BC Biocarbon, we understand that climate change is among the greatest threats facing our planet today, which is why we’re proud of the proprietary technology we’ve developed, and we remain squarely focused on removing C02 from the atmosphere,” said Peter Popplewell, CEO, BC Biocarbon. “We look forward to working with the Invert team to meet the world’s climate goals, as they continue to invest in carbon removal credits of the highest quality.” ‍

BC Biocarbon’s CORCS are derived from the production of biological charcoal (“biochar”), a charcoal-like material that is safe to be re-used in a variety of climate-positive ways, including land and water treatment, and helping soils to retain nutrients and water. Biochar is very effective at sequestering carbon and storing it for centuries, driving meaningful C02 reductions critical in the fight against climate change.‍

“When it comes to climate action, BC Biocarbon goes above and beyond and have clearly demonstrated their integrity and commitment to removing C02 from our atmosphere,” said Andre Fernandez, Co-CEO, Invert Inc. “We’re looking forward to working closely with the BC Biocarbon team to produce carbon removal credits and continue to fight climate change together over the long term.”

‍The CORCS purchased from BC Biocarbon will be available for individual purchase on the soon to be released Invert App.

About Invert

Invert is a leading carbon-reduction and removal company committed to empowering businesses, communities, and individuals to take bold climate action. With a mission to drive global goals for decarbonization, Invert is dedicated to making a measurable impact on our planet’s future. We empower action through carbon project origination and financing, sourcing high-integrity carbon credits for businesses, and providing a software platform for organizations to bring employees along the climate-action journey.

About BC Biocarbon

BC Biocarbon is a proudly Canadian company headquartered in McBride, British Columbia. Established in 2011, BC Biocarbon’s proprietary biorefinery technology produces bioenergy and biogenic carbon products,including biochar, biocoal, biochemicals, and other valuable products. Through its patented biorefinery system, the Company aims to recover the highest amount of carbon possible to help derive value and to mitigate climate change.‍The Company’s Black Bear Biochar product is ideal for soil and filtration applications and provides carbon removal credits when used for these purposes.‍BC Biocarbon’s mission is to massively accelerate atmospheric decarbonization via carbon removal and fossil carbon displacement. The Company is committed to ethical business practices for the betterment of the planet. To learn more, please visit: