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Invert Insights October 13, 2023

Advancing clarity in the carbon markets, carbon credits are associated with businesses decarbonizing faster and a call to action from the Pope

  • Advancing clarity in the carbon markets 
  • Carbon credits are associated with businesses decarbonizing faster
  • A call for climate action from the Pope Francis
  • Trending: Feds look to space to fight wildfires
  • We’re heading to Verge

Advancing Clarity in the Carbon Markets 

Trove Research, a world-renowned source of intelligence across carbon markets, is now part of MSCI, the leading provider of decision support tools and services for the global investment community. Integrating Trove’s position in the worldwide carbon credit market with MSCI’s climate solutions will help meet the needs of corporates, institutional investors and other capital markets participants for transparent, credible insights on the voluntary carbon markets, such as company transition plans, the quality of existing carbon credits, and the carbon credit pricing outlook.

Invert Insights:

This acquisition holds the promise of delivering significant advantages to the market by helping stakeholders navigate the decarbonization transition with data that guides them in making informed decisions when addressing the climate challenge. As the market evolves, data intelligence tools assist in predicting the unpredictable, despite potential conflicts posed by future scenarios. This leaves room for the human touch, underscoring the importance of collaborating with industry experts to navigate the market effectively and ensure meaningful results.

Carbon Credits are Associated with Businesses Decarbonizing Faster

Businesses investing in the voluntary carbon market are likely to decarbonize faster, according to new research by Forest TrendsEcosystem Marketplace. In fact, such companies are almost twice as likely to achieve year-over-year decarbonization, and they are investing three times more in emission reduction efforts than their counterparts. Furthermore, carbon credit purchases are also linked to companies that are already addressing climate change in their direct operations and throughout their value chains. This implies that corporate buyers are not using carbon credits to shirk responsibility, but rather to offset emissions that are challenging to abate.

Invert Insights:

Carbon credit purchases not only aid organizations in mitigating hard to abate emissions but also instills a sense of urgency for decarbonization by incorporating the cost carbon into their business, which makes organizations actively work on reducing these costs over time. 

A Call for Climate Action from the Pope Francis

The Vatican has published a papal exhortation, Laudate Deum, in advance of COP28. In the document, the Pope criticizes the inadequate global response to the climate crisis and highlights the failing lifestyle in the United States, which has one of the highest carbon emissions per capita. The Pope urged negotiators at the COP28 to strengthen the 2015 Paris Agreement, making energy transitions efficient, obligatory, and readily monitored. He also emphasized that technological advancements alone won’t solve the climate crisis.

Invert Insights:

While primarily directed at the global Catholic community, the Pope’s message highlights the moral imperative of addressing the climate crisis, starting at the individual level by reevaluating the way we consume and interact within the ecosystems. Furthermore, strengthening the Paris Agreement is not only vital to address the climate crisis, but also for safeguarding vulnerable communities and ecosystems. It reflects our moral and ethical obligation with the future generations. 

Trending: Feds Look to Space to Fight Wildfires

Three government agencies, including the Canadian Space Agency, are collaborating to use satellites to monitor wildfires, aiming to get data that can be used on the ground to control wildfires in advance. The program anticipates sending satellites into space by 2029. 


Invert is heading to VERGE 23. The leading climate tech event focused on accelerating climate-positive solutions, the event gathers leaders from business, government, private industry, and startups to make meaningful progress towards addressing the climate crisis.

During the event, Andre Fernandez, Invert’s co-CEO, will be hosting a Braindate focused on investment in nature-based solutions. The discussion will focus on the social and environmental benefits of restoring and conserving our natural resources to mitigate the impacts of climate change and protect global biodiversity. Join the conversation today!

We look forward to seeing you at the event. 

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