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Invert Insights November 10, 2023

CarbonCure’s new partner & an update on 2030 forest goals


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  • CarbonCure and Heirloom partner to scale carbon removals
  • 2023 Forest Declaration Assessment: off track and falling behind
  • Brazil’s Amazon deforestation progress continues despite challenges

CarbonCure And Heirloom Partner To Scale Carbon Capture

CarbonCure Technologies and Heirloom have extended their agreement to 2025, committing to permanently store atmospheric carbon captured by Heirloom’s Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology in concrete using CarbonCure’s mineralization technologies. The partnership enables Heirloom to scale their carbon capture technology with a readily available storage solution.

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CarbonCure has redefined concrete as a dependable pathway for permanent carbon removal, while Heirloom innovatively extracts carbon from the atmosphere. This partnership positions both companies at the forefront of revolutionizing the carbon capture landscape. 

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2023 Forest Declaration Assessment: Off Track and Falling Behind

The latest report from the Forest Declaration Assessment provides an update on the 2030 forest goals. While more than 50 countries are making strides toward halting deforestation by the target year, the report underscores the need for increased funding in forest protection. Surprisingly, the assessment reveals that current annual forest finance is a mere 0.5% of the required amount. Preserving existing forests is crucial not only for meeting the climate goals set for 2030 but also for fostering a sustainable climate, preserving biodiversity, and promoting robust economies.

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Nature based solutions have been often criticized and poorly portrayed by some. In reality, investing in nature presents a unique opportunity to create meaningful environmental and social impacts that will benefit future generations by protecting, preserving, and restoring Earth’s most precious natural assets. 

Brazil’s Amazon Deforestation Progress Continues Despite Challenges

Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon decreased by 22.3% in the 12 months through July, according to government data. The reduction, totaling 9,001 square kilometers, marked the smallest area cleared since 2018. The Amazon’s protection is crucial for climate change mitigation. Despite the positive trend, this year’s deforestation rate remains almost double the 2012 all-time low, and Brazil’s goal of zero deforestation by 2030 still has a long way to go. 

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While there is still a gap in achieving Brazil’s 2030 goals, the country’s recent results underscore the significance of intensifying law enforcement efforts to counter illegal activities, such as logging and land invasion, being a pivotal component of the strategy. Collaborations between private and public sectors have also encouraged improved forest management and restoration. 

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