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Invert Insights June 16, 2023

Working against wildfire threats, new from JP Morgan, Climate change & security & talking customer success

  • Forest safety: working against the threat of wildfires
  • JP Morgan launches a sustainable investment solution
  • Climate Change is the world’s top security threat 
  • Talking customer success 

Forest Safety: Working Against the Threat of Wildfires

Wildfires in Canada have claimed 3.3 million hectares of land so far this year, including 2.2 million hectares of managed forest land, spreading smoke across the continent. However, it is not just the release of emissions from the fires that are a cause of concern, but the continued reduction in the carbon sequestration capacity of Canadian forests. 

Invert Insights:

While national trends regarding carbon sequestration may be discouraging, there is still potential for improvements through individual projects aimed at protecting and enhancing carbon sequestration capabilities. To achieve this goal, it becomes crucial to implement improved forest management practices within project lands, focused on proactive measures that minimize the risk and severity of wildfires.

Climate Change is the World’s Top Security Threat

According to the US special presidential envoy for climate, John Kerry, the climate crisis is one of the top security threats that affects the entire planet. “It is a crisis that today causes countries billions of dollars each year, which we spend to not now prevent but clean up the mess. Most importantly, it has caused lives, it is an active threat to the livelihood and the peace of people everywhere.”

Invert Insights:

To effectively tackle climate change and achieve global climate targets while mitigating its effects, it is crucial to accelerate the implementation of various actions. These include, international cooperation, reduced reliance on fossil fuels, forest conservation and reforestation, technological innovation, among others. 

JP Morgan Launches a Sustainable Investment Solution

JP Morgan announced a new sustainable investment platform targeted at institutional investors to enable them to extract and maximize the value of ESG data from multiple sustainable investment data providers, including Bloomberg, Equileap, FactSet, ISS ESG, MSCI, RepRisk, Revelio Labs, S&P Global, and Sustainalytics.

Invert Insights:

This new platform can help address the challenge of inconsistent ESG data reporting and varying methodologies, providing investors with access to standardized metrics and ratings, which promotes transparency and comparability to make better informed decisions. 

Talking Customer Success

According to Invert’s Customer Success Director, Deb Millar, the customer success journey offered by Invert through the Climate Action Platform involves becoming true partners with the customers throughout their climate-action journey. Close collaboration to develop a personalized onboarding plan and continuously monitoring the program’s success ensures that Invert’s client organizations achieve their desired outcomes. According to Deb, understanding the reasons behind a company’s decision to implement the Climate Action Platform is crucial to ensure objectives are met, and the program succeeds.

Contact us today to schedule a demo to see how the Invert Climate Action Platform can support your organization’s sustainability goals. 

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