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Webinar: Building Your Carbon Credit Portfolio.


Invert experts Mark Lawson and Mike Murphy explore what you should consider when building your carbon credit portfolio.

In a deep dive into carbon credit portfolios, this 60-minute webinar covers:

  • What to consider when building your plan
  • How your portfolio may change over time
  • Nature-based vs Tech-based
  • Verification standards of carbon projects including an overview of current carbon programs & registries
  • Considerations for addressing your Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions
  • Forecasting for the carbon credit industry
  • A look into the 5 types of Carbon Credit investors (Nature Nurturer, Balanced Believer, Community Crusader, Project Pioneer, Tech Trailblazer) with real case study examples of their ideal portfolios

Whether you’re best suited for nature-based carbon credits or looking for technology-based credits that meet SBTi targets, you’ll find this session helpful.

Leave this session with a clear picture of what you should be considering when building your profile with real-life examples of what will work for you. You’ll also have a step-by-step guide helping you get started on the path to using carbon credits to offset your emissions helping you to decarbonize faster.

Access the webinar here:

Ready to build a carbon credit portfolio that works for your organization’s sustainability goals? Let’s schedule some time to chat!

Why choose Invert?

We’re an extension of your team, providing high integrity carbon credits that complement your organizatoin’s sustainability strategy. Our team of experts are relentless in ensuring the integrity of our credits, collaborating with our project partners to optimize their impact on the environment and the planet over the long term.

Our Invert team of experts works with you to customize a portfolio of carbon projects that best aligns with your sustainability goals long-term.