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Bonos Aroma Del Mayab

Community-focused, indigenous-led, Improved Forest Management (IFM) carbon credits.

Site photo from the Mexico IFM Aroma Del Mayab Carbon Project
Southern Tamandua found at the Mexico IFM Aroma Del Mayab Carbon Project

About the project.

This project conserves and protects 25,182 hectares of forest within the Mayab, Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico using Improved Forest Management (IFM) practices facilitated by the local Ejidos Caoba.

The result is high-quality North American IFM credits that secure a long-term future for the planet and an ongoing social and economic benefit to local communities through diversified approaches to land stewardship.

REGISTRY Climate Action Registry #1864
LOCATION Yucatán Peninsula
Type IFM Removal
Credit Vintage 2021-2052
Site photo from the Mexico IFM Aroma Del Mayab Carbon Project
Removal-focused Climate Reserve Tonnes.
Protects 6 endangered and protected species.
Social & economic support for Ejido Caoba.

UN SDG highlights.

We Support Nature Conservation

This project conserves over 25,182 hectares of forest over a minimum commitment time of 100 years.

We Support Biodiversity

This project protects and fosters biodiversity of dozens of flora and fauna including 6 endangered and protected species.

We Support Community

This project goes beyond carbon, providing numerous economic & social benefits to local communities including the Ejido Caoba.

Site photo from the Mexico IFM Aroma Del Mayab Carbon Project

About the land.

The Bonos Aroma del Mayab project site spans 25,182 hectares in the southeast of Mexico the state of Quintana Roo within the Region known as the Mayab that includes the Yucatán Peninsula. 

Revered for it’s rich cultural heritage and its proximity to historical sites, the importance of this region lies in the role of connecting the largest protected natural areas of the Yucatán Peninsula.

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About our partner.

A UN Global Compact Signatory, The Earth Lab is a leading sustainability and carbon-reduction project development company committed to creating measurable, high-quality projects with a landscape vision, specializing in rural and indigenous communities, to learn from and empower their ancestral wisdom to positively impact our common home. 

“In combining our complementary expertise with that of the local Ejido communities, our partnership is a model for the thoughtful and meaningful advancement of nature-based solutions in Mexico; a region of the world uniquely positioned to help address global climate concerns.” – Jorge Calderon, CEO at The Earth Lab.

The Earth Lab Carbon Project Mexico IFM Aroma del Mayab
About the Ejido Caoba Carbon Project Mexico IFM Aroma del Mayab

About the Ejido Caoba.

The Ejido Caoba is made up of 323 registered Ejidatarios (PHINA, 2022). Through the Aroma del Mayab Carbon Bonds Project, the Ejido wishes to continue with the sustainable management of its natural resources, confront climate change and preserve its jungle.

Peek inside the project.

Dive deep into the project.

Access the latest project documentation visit the project listing on the Climate Action Reserve Registry.

This project employs the u003ca href=u0022 Forest Protocol Version 3.0u003c/au003e. The Mexico Forest Protocol provides standardized guidance for carbon enhancement projects and addresses eligibility, baseline, inventory, permanence, social and environmental safeguards, and measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) requirements.rnrn

The projects will be registered with the Climate Action Reserve (CAR), a registry program with a successful track record of implementing its Forest Protocol in Mexico along with regional representation and strong community relationships. CAR offers a robust protocol focused on baselines, inventory, permanence, and has key social and environmental safeguards coupled with active measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) requirements. The nature-based projects will issue removal-focused Climate Reserve Tonnes, the unit of offset credits used by CAR.rnrnRead more about u003ca href=u0022 Action Reserveu003c/au003e.

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