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Our Projects.

Carbon reduction and removal projects making a measurable impact.

What makes our
projects unique?

We’ve stacked our team with experts in business and climate science to build a portfolio of projects that demonstrate accuracy, achievability, and long term viability.

Alongside our technical requirements, our values drive our engagement with prospective project partners.

We bring Community

Invert approaches projects through a “do no harm” lens. In addition to a real climate benefit, a project must also demonstrate a commitment to improving the community in which it operates. 

We bring Partnership

Our project investment is not transactional. We establish long-term partnerships to ensure successful return on climate-positive investment and meaningful outcomes for stakeholders.

We bring Diversity

Invert invests in a holistic suite of carbon offset projects to ensure an approach to biodiversity, conservation, and restoration that represents a balance between nature-based solutions and technology.

B.C. Biocarbon.

BC Biocarbon converts atmospheric carbon into new and useful products by leveraging a proprietary process to convert biodegradable biomass into solid, stable, long-lasting carbon products.

Produces high-quality biochar.
Removes carbon from the atmosphere.
Sequesters C02 for centuries.
Traps and stores carbon for centuries.
Reduces greenhouse emissions.
Safer, more efficient building materials.


CarbonCure’s vision is to make its concrete technology standard for all concrete production across the globe. CarbonCure’s portfolio of carbon utilization technologies allows manufacturers to inject liquid CO2 into concrete during the mixing process, which traps it there – and keeps it there – for centuries.

LocationNorth America

Aperam BioEnergia.

Based in Brazil, Aperam BioEnergia is a leader in the forest and renewable energy sector. Their production of biochar, utilizing the renewable eucalyptus forests of Minas Gerais and burying the resulting biochar, enriches the soil and protects wildlife in the Brazilian rainforest.

FSC-certified forest
Removes carbon from the atmosphere.
Sequesters C02 for centuries.
Restoring a deforested region.
Improving soil quality.
Creating local economic opportunities.


Nicaforest is a Gold Standard-certified, high impact reforestation project that cultivates a positive impact beyond mitigating emissions. This project focuses on two key areas, fostering meaningful initiatives and the creation of a sustainable value chain around the forest.

VerifierGold Standard

Tropical Mix.

By transforming formerly degraded pastures into mixed forests, the Tropical Mix project is restoring a healthy ecosystem and protecting biodiversity in addition to improving the economic and social fortunes of local communities.

VerifierGold Standard
100K tonnes of CO2 removed/year.
Supports local economic development.
Increases biodiversity.
Protects biodiverse forests.
Creates hundreds of local jobs.
Strengthen local economies.

Conservation Coast.

The Conservation Coast is the world’s largest grouped forest-based carbon project bringing together hundreds of diverse landowners to protect more than 55,300 hectares of threatened tropical rainforest on the Guatemalan Caribbean. 


Mount Sandy Conservation.

Mount Sandy Conservation supports the regeneration and preservation of biodiversity while generating positive environment, economic, and social impacts. The project ensures the permanent protection of a regionally and culturally important pocket of land in partnership with traditional landowners.

VerifierSouth Pole & EcoAustralia
Generates clean renewable electricity.
Protects biodiversity-rich land.
Collaboration with the lands’ Traditional Owners.
Eases pressure on forests.
Improves gender equality.
Reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Clean & Efficient Cookstoves.

Clean & Efficient Cookstoves are designed to burn hotter, which enables them to light faster, cook faster, and require less fuel. By reducing the amount of time it takes to make meals, there are additional social benefits as women have more time and freedom to enter the workforce and educate themselves.


Villarica Hydropower Plant.

The Villarica MSA-1 Hydropower Plant delivers sustainable energy to Chile’s power grid. Consisting of two run-off power plants with 3 MW of installed capacity, the project displaces supply from existing thermoelectric power plants that use the combustion of fossil fuels to produce electricity and supports the transition to renewable energy.

Reduce dependence on fossil fuels.
Increase renewable energy production.
Educate communities about hydropower.
Protects regional biodiversity.
Avoids land-use change.
Conserves hundreds of thousands of hectares in the Amazon.

Project Seringueira

Project Seringueira will generate GHG emission reduction by foregoing forest conversion to cattle farming in favour of the conservation of the tropical forest.

Project Jatobá.

Project Jatobá will generate GHG emission reduction by foregoing forest conversion to cattle farming in favour of the conservation of the tropical forest.

Protects regional biodiversity.
Avoids land-use change.
Conserves hundreds of thousands of hectares in the Amazon.

Reach your sustainability goals with Invert

We’re more than just a partner. Invert is an extension of your team, hard at work to ensure your sustainability investment goals are well within reach.

Our project development approach.

Through financing, consultation, and validation, we support the development of
climate-positive projects around the world.