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Invert Announces Strong Additions To Consumer Platform Team

Continuing to build on existing leadership, Invert adds expertise to its development team as it seeks to drive consumer engagement to fight climate change


Ottawa, May 16, 2022 – Invert Inc. (“Invert” or “the Company”) a specialized carbon emissions reduction and offsetting company focused on making carbon credits accessible to individuals, is proud to announce six new members of its Product and Software Development team. Joining the Company and working under the leadership of Ru Wadasinghe, Head of Product and Software Development, are Derik Lawlis, Shane Guay, Steve Davis, Krista Swanson, Matt De Wolfe, and Dan Meeking. Invert’s accomplished team will be tasked with developing and advancing the Company’s consumer-facing platform that enables individuals to invert their carbon-generating habits while also supporting carbon credit generating projects that will make a tangible difference in the global fight against climate change.

“We’re thrilled to welcome these talented professionals to the Invert team as we continue to advance the Invert app,” said Rade Kovacevic, Co-CEO, Invert Inc. “Having built many highly successful apps before, Invert will benefit tremendously from the critical set of skills and expertise they bring to their new roles. Our newest members join our talented Invert App team in place to help to drive our mission to increase consumer engagement in our common fight against climate change.”

Team highlights include:

Derik Lawlis joins Invert as a Product Manager. He is an Ecology graduate with almost a decade of consumer facing product management experience. Derik previously served as Founder, CEO, and Chief of Operations for other accomplished start-ups where he deployed complex multi-platform software projects. He has also successfully founded, developed, launched, and sold a mobile wellness application.

Shane Guay is an accomplished leader in software development, focusing on enterprise solutions and mobile applications. He has delivered over 50 mobile apps to the Apple and Android app stores, including CFL Football Frenzy, NFL Play 60, Hasbro Monopoly Here & Now, Disney Junior Magic Phone, and streaming apps for TBS/Cartoon Network and Disney Anywhere. Joining Invert as Senior Systems Architect, Shane has over 20 years of experience encompassing all phases of development, including managing, designing, developing, coordinating, and tracking various IT projects of all sizes.

Steve Davis has created products in various areas, including mobile apps, websites, encryption, and embedded systems. His work has been awarded over ten patents in multiple technologies. Steve has over 35 years of software development experience and joins the Company leading Invert’s Software Research and Development team.

Krista Swanson joins Invert as Senior Director of Project Delivery. She is an accomplished IT professional with over 20 years of experience identifying and implementing business needs and technology solutions for various Fortune 500 companies across North America and Europe. This experience has provided her with a unique view of the impacts of technology across several industries. Krista is an avid volunteer and is passionate about giving back to her community and assisting non-profits with their technology platforms.

Matt De Wolfe is an experienced software developer focusing on mobile and enterprise applications in both Apple and Android systems. With over a decade of experience, Matt has managed projects through all design stages, including leading the development of 10 HTML games, and was the primary decision-maker on core technologies and limitations. Matt joins Invert as a Senior Software Developer.

Dan Meeking joins Invert as Product Management Advisor after a long career at Shopify. He has over 20 years of experience in building and operating multidisciplinary teams focusing on designing and building engaging new technology.

Invert’s unique software application, currently undergoing beta testing, will allow individuals to take control of their own climate footprint to invest in a cleaner future.

Governments worldwide are taking too long to drive action as they debate policies and procedures on how to achieve climate goals and net-zero emissions. This is where Invert is stepping in – Invert’s application provides individuals with the ability to support carbon reduction projects and reduce their carbon footprint directly from their mobile phones. By providing tools, content, and insights, users can choose which carbon-reducing projects to fund and, in return, earn carbon credits to offset their carbon footprint. The goal is to empower Invert app users to drive change by being part of a like-minded community, sharing ideas and resources on building greener habits while making progress towards a carbon-neutral lifestyle.

About Invert

Invert is a leading carbon-reduction and removal company committed to empowering businesses, communities, and individuals to take bold climate action. With a mission to drive global goals for decarbonization, Invert is dedicated to making a measurable impact on our planet’s future. We empower action through carbon project origination and financing, sourcing high-integrity carbon credits for businesses, and providing a software platform for organizations to bring employees along the climate-action journey.