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Introducing the Invert App: The Power to Fight Climate Change in Your Hand

Start your personal climate journey – available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


Ottawa, September 13, 2022 – Invert Inc. (“Invert” or “the Company”) a specialized carbon finance company and the future of personalized carbon offsetting, today unveils a brand-new mobile experience that will change the way individuals contribute to the fight against climate change. The Invert App allows each user to reduce their carbon footprint while contributing to sustainable carbon reduction and removal projects around the world – all from the convenience of their mobile phone.

The extreme and life-threatening impacts of climate change are being experienced across the globe, from increasingly devastating hurricanes to uncontrollable wildfires, warming temperatures, and shrinking harvests. All leading to displacement of communities and wildlife, rising sea levels, increasing diseases and reduction in fresh water supply. As the world faces a harrowing climate crisis, individuals want to know what they can do to help – how their actions, behaviors, and efforts can contribute to the fight against climate change, and work towards a healthier planet.

The Invert App empowers users to create their own personal climate action journeys – beginning with a simple and easy to use calculator to measure each user’s carbon footprint. Individual carbon footprints are compared to a provincial average to better understand each person’s impact. Users can make a commitment to change by setting a personal carbon footprint goal, with weekly check-ins and rewards once that target is achieved. Individuals can take action to reduce their carbon footprint by purchasing high-quality, verified carbon offsets from sustainable projects around the world and receive detailed information to understand how they are reducing carbon emissions – all while working towards personalized carbon footprint goals.

These climate journeys are not meant to be traveled alone. The app encourages users to share their experiences and progress and to get others involved. Inspire friends and family to reduce their climate impact by gifting carbon offsets and inviting them to begin their own climate action journey.

“Each of us has a responsibility to preserve the planet and protect future generations from the increasing threat of climate change. At Invert, we want to be part of bringing others into the conversation, identifying ways to work together to fight climate change, drive funding into carbon reduction and removal projects, and build a community of like-minded individuals,” said Rade Kovacevic, Co-CEO, Invert Inc. “Climate change is not a future problem – it’s happening now, and its effects are being felt in our communities. The Earth is worth fighting for, and together we can make a difference.”

Invert has invested in sustainable carbon reduction and offsetting projects across the globe – from Halifax to Guatemala, to make high-quality, verified carbon credits available for individuals to purchase to offset their carbon footprint. These projects and their credits are available in four categories – avoidance, reduction, decades removal, and centuries removal. Supporting these projects can help drive us towards a carbon neutral world.

Some examples of the inspirational projects available for Invert app users to support are:

  • CarbonCure Technologies, based in Canada, converting CO2 into a mineralized form stored in cement for centuries
  • Conservation Coast in Guatemala, protecting rainforests and biodiversity while creating local economic opportunities
  • Tropical Mix Reforestation in Panama, reforesting the land and removing carbon from our atmosphere for decades
  • BC BioCarbon in Canada, using pyrolysis to store removed carbon for centuries

Key features of the Invert app include:

  • Simple to download and join
  • Personalized carbon footprint calculator
  • Badges for achieving monthly goals and carbon neutrality
  • Access to an engaging and likeminded community
  • Intuitive and easy to navigate
  • Ability to purchase carbon offsets from a variety of carbon projects
  • Available in Apple and Android app stores
  • More and more engaging features added regularly

There is hope in the fight against climate change, and it comes in the form of passionate individuals working together to save the planet.

Invert is providing the platform – users will change the world.

About Invert

Invert is a leading carbon-reduction and removal company committed to empowering businesses, communities, and individuals to take bold climate action. With a mission to drive global goals for decarbonization, Invert is dedicated to making a measurable impact on our planet’s future. We empower action through carbon project origination and financing, sourcing high-integrity carbon credits for businesses, and providing a software platform for organizations to bring employees along the climate-action journey.