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How to build a Climate ERG (Employee Resource Group)


As organizations worldwide step up to take measurable actions to combat climate change, one powerful tool they’re employing is Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) focused on company climate action, tasked with making meaningful changes and championing & promoting climate action initiatives within enterprises.

A climate ERG meets to discuss enterprise sustainability initatives.

What’s a Climate Employee Resource Group (ERG)?

ERGs are voluntary, employee led communities created around shared identities and objectives. The main goals of a Climate ERG are to foster a sense of shared responsibility for corporate and individual environmental impacts and serve as a resource for the organization in the championing and promotion of climate action initiatives, including the Invert Climate Action Platform for Enterprise.

Although not required for program success, a Climate ERG is an excellent opportunity to facilitate two-way communication and understand the priorities.

How do you create a Climate ERG?

Although the specific steps and processes will vary depending on your organization’s culture, structure, and resources, the following steps provide guidance that you can adapt to your needs and goals:

Identify the Need and Gain Support

Assess the organization’s current climate action initiatives, employee interest, and the need for an ERG. Gain support from key stakeholders, including senior management, HR, and sustainability teams, by highlighting the benefits of an ERG in driving environmental responsibility and climate action.

Define the ERG’s Purpose and Objectives

Clearly articulate the purpose and objectives of the ERG, focusing on fostering a sense of shared responsibility for corporate and individual environmental impacts, promoting climate action initiatives, and leveraging the Invert Climate Action Platform for Enterprise. It’s important to align the objectives of the climate ERG with the organization’s overall sustainability goals.

Recruit Core Members

Seek volunteers who are passionate about climate action and environmental responsibility. Form a core group of employees who will lead and drive the ERG’s activities. Consider diversity and inclusion when selecting core members to ensure representation across various departments and roles.

Establish Governance Structure

Define the governance structure of the ERG, including roles and responsibilities, leadership positions, decision-making processes, and reporting mechanisms. Determine how the ERG will align with existing organizational structures and collaborate with relevant departments, such as sustainability, HR, and communications.

Develop an Action Plan

Collaborate with the core members to develop a comprehensive action plan that outlines specific activities, timelines, and deliverables. This plan should incorporate initiatives that align with the goals of the ERG and leverage the Invert Climate Action Platform for Enterprise. Examples include organizing awareness campaigns, educational workshops, volunteering events, and partnering with external organizations or initiatives related to climate action.

Secure Resources

Identify the resources required to support the ERG’s activities. This may include budget allocations, access to relevant data and information, communication channels, meeting spaces, and any necessary tools or technologies. Work with relevant stakeholders to secure these resources.

Promote and Launch the ERG

Develop a communication plan to raise awareness about the ERG and its objectives. Leverage various channels, such as company wide emails, intranet portals, town hall meetings, and internal social platforms, to announce the ERG’s formation and encourage employees to get involved. Consider organizing a launch event to generate enthusiasm and attract participants.

Implement and Evaluate

Initiatives Execute the action plan by organizing events, initiatives, and programs aimed at promoting climate action and fostering environmental responsibility. Regularly evaluate the success of these initiatives, measure their impact, and gather feedback from participants. Use this feedback to refine future activities and improve the effectiveness of the ERG.

Collaborate with the Invert Climate Action Platform for Enterprise

Leverage the resources and tools provided by the Invert Climate Action Platform for Enterprise to champion and promote climate action initiatives within the organization. Explore opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and utilizing the platform’s features to advance the organization’s sustainability goals.

Evaluate and Evolve

Periodically assess the ERG’s progress, impact, and alignment with organizational objectives. Seek feedback from participants and stakeholders to identify areas for improvement. Continuously evolve the ERG’s strategies and initiatives to remain relevant and impactful.

By following these steps, your organization can establish an ERG dedicated to promoting climate action, fostering environmental responsibility, and leveraging the Invert Climate Action Platform for Enterprise to drive meaningful change within the organization. 

Ready to learn more about how a Climate ERG can help you achieve your organization’s sustainability goals? Click here to book a demo.

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