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Climate Action Platform.

Engage your employees to drive organization-wide climate action.

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Inspire employee engagement. Crush your sustainability goals.

The Invert Climate Action Platform is a turnkey, SAAS-solution designed for businesses to empower meaningful carbon reduction and build real engagement while aligning employee action to corporate sustainability goals.

You Can Engage Employees

As competitors, or collaborators, your employees challenge themselves and each other to meaningfully and measurably contribute to corporate sustainability priorities. 

You Can Drive Behaviours

Focus on decarbonization by engaging employees through job-specific actions to drive sustainable team behaviors.

You Can Build Brand Equity

Build brand authenticity around sustainability by amplifying your climate values through your employees and their networks.

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Employee App.

Employees engage with your corporate sustainability program and each other through the platform’s web and mobile app. 

  • Customizable Climate Action Cards inform and reward carbon-conscious understanding and drive action against your sustainability priorities
  • The AI Action Advisor guides employees through a personalized climate action journey with contextualized responses that reflect and reinforce your sustainability program
  • Seed points and leaderboards gamify climate action for a compelling, approachable experience 

Enterprise Climate Action Hub.

Establish, roll-out, and refine your climate action program through this comprehensive, centralized platform.

  • Dashboards with company-wide views and insights into the level of employee engagement and knowledge level
  • Create and circulate customized content and actions that reflect your corporate sustainability strategy and priorities
  • Employee offset rewards offer recognition for engagement with real, lasting climate benefit
  • Simplified, customized onboarding and ongoing administration of employees

Program Launch Support.

We supply the assets you’ll use to engage your team allowing you to customize to your branding and sustainability messaging.

  • Dedicated Invert Customer Success resources work with you to ensure a seamless rollout and track employee engagement
  • Detailed onboarding guide provides platform overview and basic change management principles
  • Customizable multi-channel onboarding communication templates, to support program roll-out
  • Comprehensive support portal for training, FAQs, and platform support resources

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