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High-Efficiency Cookstoves.

Long-term, GHG reduction credits generated through reduced deforestation, improved gender equality, and community empowerment.

About the project.

Located in Zambia, this project distributes approximately 500,000 fuel-efficient improved cookstoves (ICS) to households throughout the region. Designed to burn hotter, these stoves light faster, cook faster, and require less fuel; allowing families to switch from unsustainably-harvested wooden logs to twigs, branches, and crop residues. This in turn reduces the time required to prepare meals providing traditional homemakers with increased flexibility to enter the workforce and pursue further education. 

The result is high-impact, GHG reduction credits generated through gender equity and the halt of regional deforestation.

REGISTRY Verra #2371
TYPE GHG Reduction
Credit Vintage 2020 – 2030
Eases pressure on forests.
Improves gender equality.
Reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

UN SDG highlights.

We Support Cleaner Air

By reducing the amount of fuel required, these cookstoves emit less greenhouse gasses and improve the air quality of the home. 

We Support Gender Equality

This project supports women in returning to the workforce as less time is required to gather fuel and prepare meals for the home.

We Support Halted Deforestation

By reducing the amount and replacing the type of fuel required, this project reduces deforestation in favor of more efficient biomass.

Peek inside the project.

Dive deep into the project.

To access the latest project documentation visit the listing for High-Efficiency Wood-Burning Cookstoves (ID# 2371) on the Verra registry.

This project adheres to VCS Methodology VMR0006, which covers project activities that introduce energy efficiency measures in thermal applications (including cookstoves, ovens, and dryers) to reduce the consumption of non-renewable biomass.

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