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BC Biocarbon.

High-quality CO2 Removal Certificates derived from the production of biological charcoal (biochar).

About the project.

Using slow pyrolysis and a proprietary biorefinery, BC Biocarbon converts biodegradable biomass into solid, stable, and long-lasting carbon products and high-value chemicals. The consequent charcoal-like material, biochar, is safe to be reused in a variety of climate-positive ways, including land and water treatment and helping soil to retain nutrients and water.

The result is high integrity, technology-based C02 Removal Certificates generated by the sequestration and storage of carbon for centuries.

TYPE C02 Removal Certificates
Credit Vintage 2022+
Produces high-quality biochar.
Removes carbon from the atmosphere.
Sequesters C02 for centuries.

UN SDG highlights.

We Support High Durability

BC Biocarbon’s proprietary technology sequesters and stores carbon for centuries with little to no risk of reversal.

We Support Social Benefits

The project improves the air quality of area communities by eliminating smoke pollution through the retirement of beehive burners and a reduction in the release of stored carbon when combusted.

We Support Diversification

This project enhances existing forest operations by maximizing the value of underutilized residuals and producing valuable new products.

Peek inside the project.

Dive deep into the project.

BC Biocarbon is a proudly Canadian company headquartered in McBride, British Columbia. Established in 2011, BC Biocarbon’s proprietary biorefinery technology produces bioenergy and biogenic carbon products, including biochar, biocoal, biochemicals, and other valuable products.

Through its patented biorefinery system, the Company aims to recover the highest amount of carbon possible to help derive value and to mitigate climate change. The Company’s Black Bear Biochar product is ideal for soil and filtration applications and provides carbon removal credits when used for these purposes.

BC Biocarbon’s mission is to massively accelerate atmospheric decarbonization via carbon removal and fossil carbon displacement. The Company is committed to ethical business practices for the betterment of the planet.

BC Biocarbon’s proprietary technology refines a wide variety of carbonaceous material into solids (biochar), liquids (wood vinegar and tars) and gases (producer gas). Using their biorefinery system, biomass is heated in a low oxygen environment driving off the volatiles and leaving a highly concentrated carbon in the form of chars and tars. 

The technology is a continuous flow, single-pass process, not based on single batches. The only external output is electricity.

Nasdaq-backed is the world’s leading carbon crediting platform for engineered carbon removal. Its mission is to mobilize the economy to reward carbon net-negative emissions by helping voluntary corporate buyers accelerate carbon dioxide removal at an industrial global scale. 

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