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Carbon Neutral Events.

Make a positive impact on your guests and the planet.

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Bring your climate values to life.

Carbon neutral events amplify your impact long after your guests have gone home.

An invaluable opportunity to establish your brand as a leader in sustainability and set a new climate action standard by making your next event carbon neutral.

We Support Carbon Credit Gifting

Say goodbye to swag that goes straight into the landfill. Give the memorable gift of carbon credits to your guests and start the climate action conversation.

We Support Brand Awareness

We support your immersive brand experience, reinforcing your sustainability commitment to stakeholders and employees alike.

We Support Ongoing Conversation

Leverage the personal social networks of your guests to amplify your brand and climate values.


A must read before you plan your next carbon neutral event.

A carbon neutral event strategy helps you tackle the challenge of inspiring positive climate action by embedding your sustainability commitments across all facets of your business and encouraging carbon reduction wherever possible.

Download our whitepaper to learn the where you can have the biggest climate impact along with actionable steps you can take. 

Let’s plan your event.

Decarbonizing your event is the right thing to do: for your brand, for your guests, and for the planet.
Our team is ready to support you with on-site marketing collateral to use before and after your event.