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Webinar: Building Your Carbon Credit Portfolio.


Invert experts Mark Lawson and Mike Murphy explore what you should consider when building your carbon credit portfolio.

They’ll be covering:

  • What to consider when building your credit portfolio
  • How your portfolio may change over time
  • Nature-based vs Tech-based
  • Considerations for addressing your Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions
  • Forecasting for the carbon credit industry
  • A look into the 5 types of Carbon Credit investors (Nature Nurturer, Balanced Believer, Community Crusader, Project Pioneer, Tech Trailblazer) with real case study examples of their ideal portfolios

Leave this session with a clear picture of what you should be considering when building your profile with real-life examples of what will work for you.

Access the webinar here:

Ready to build a carbon credit portfolio that works for your organization’s sustainability goals? Let’s schedule some time to chat!